As of 2015 there is now a flash version, that also features updated art, new levels, highscores, a level editor, and level sharing.

You can play it at any of the following: 


The old version is also still available if you really want it.

Ten Second War v0.32

[Download] (Windows, 2MB)

13 Responses to Download

  1. Nathan says:

    Will there be a Macintosh version soon?

    • neoalmost says:

      I’ve added a note above on how to run the game on other operating systems.
      Right now it’s a bit of an inconvenience for me to make standalone versions on every operating system, though I will definitely do so when I reach what I consider the final version of the game.

      Edit November 2/2011
      My previous instructions for other operating systems no longer work, so there is currently no way to run it on a non windows machine, sorry.

    • This game is EPIC says:

      Use WINE for linux, should work for Mac too

  2. Nathan says:

    Thanks i think this will work. If i have any problems should i come back to here for help?

  3. […] Matthew Hyndman Homepage: Ten Second War Dev. Tool: LOVE Version: Download Version 0.32 (April 2010) Size: 2 […]

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Rehost the .love file says:

    Upload the .love file to your wordpress account and link it here. Mediafire is breaking on the download


  6. Rehost the .love file says:

    ALSO, when in doubt, and always be in doubt, RENAME ANY AND ALL FILE AND EVERYTHING to .txt in case somewhere, something, written by a moron, decides to use extension based rules for downloads.

  7. Like it says:

    I like this game very much! Maybe you should submit your game to!
    Thanks your work bro!

  8. […] played instance for 10 seconds. Here is an additional Gameplay video. Game is still in development (Demo available) April 10, 2010 In Development, Indie Games, Shooter No Comments arena shootercustom […]

  9. This game is EPIC says:

    For Linux use WINE, works for me. Not sure about Mac, haven’t tested but WINE should work too

  10. Anonymous says:

    Why is the game in Zip? 😦

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